Harnessing nature for health

At Sanford Bioactives we are uniquely positioned through our access to superior marine resources and our innovative processing techniques to offer a range of solutions that meet the increasing wellbeing demands of the world’s population.

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Joint health and mobility support

New Zealand’s GreenshellTM Mussels are a clinically proven, natural solution to chronic joint pain such as arthritis. They are a rich source of naturally occurring bioactive compounds that provide anti-inflammatory properties that have proven effectiveness in relieving the symptoms of joint pain, with few-to-no side effects.

Recent studies have proven that inclusion of Greenshell Mussels in the human diet is likely to protect both joint and bone health1.

Inflammation management

Inflammation is the body’s natural healing response to an injury or infection. It is our natural self-defence system, signalling the immune system to heal damaged tissue when necessary.

Both laboratory and clinical studies demonstrate the ability of Greenshell mussels’ bioactive compounds such as omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, to inhibit and regulate inflammation in the human body.
Supplementation with New Zealand’s Greenshell mussel extracts has been proven to reduce inflammatory symptoms with no adverse side effects.

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Hair, skin and nail quality

Collagen is increasingly popular as a nutritional supplement for applications supporting skin regeneration, dental therapy, sarcopenia, wound healing and bone and joint health. Of the three main types of collagen, it is Type I that supports tissue regeneration of skin, teeth, bones, tendons and ligaments and this is mainly found in marine collagen.

Numerous studies have shown the positive benefits of hydrolysed collagen on skin hydration, elasticity, and the reduction of wrinkles2. Plus, it’s marine collagen that stands out as one of the safest and most sustainable sources of collagen in the market today.